PVC High Speed Water Cooled Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

The molds adopt the double flow channel structure and nitriding polishing processed die head. This makes the adiustment of partial wall convenient and fast and ensures the thickness of the inner and outer wall uniform and stable.

The latest desian of closed pressure water cooling structure, full cooling, multi-point distribution vacuum system,higher efficiency, faster production speed.

Online double wall belling function(PVC-M) and automatic lubrication system.

The advanced shuttle structure and reasonable track design make the module run more smoothly and the forming section longer,which is conducive to rapid producion.lower energy onsumption and cost saving.

Online EPS uninterruptible power supply ensures the automatic return of the forming worktable in case of sudden power failure,so that the mould block can be separated from the water sleeve in time.

Siemens professional PLC programming control cuting machine, double knife cuting, simple and sensitive operation, accurate, stable and reliable.

Human machine interface, extrusion synchronous control system, with remote communication function and realize remote faut diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Production line series is divided into ID110-ID300,ID200-ID600,ID500-ID800,ID800-ID1200,ID1200-ID2000 (mm).

This line is widely used in municipal engineering, underground sewage pipe of residential area, sewage discharge and other fields.

Bimetallic alloy screw barrel,wear-resistant,corrosion-resistant,improve the service life.
Reasonable design of bracket flow channel,low pressure and low temperature extrusion,high efficiency and energy saving.
High efficiency vacuum system makes tube forming more perfect.
The closed water cooling structure makes the tube forming faster.
The closed cooling water circuit adopts fixed connection,and the replacement module does not need to dismantle the interface,so as to prevent water leakage.
The installation of the card slot module makes the replacement of the module convenient and quick,and shortens the interval time of reproduction.
The perfect optimization of running track makes the module run more smoothly.
Double hydraulic and double cutter head make the cutting more accurate and faster.The high-speed and efficient production reduces the cost of the same unit pipe by 30%.


Municipal engineering,urban and residential underground drainage,sewage engineering,highway engineering,farmland irrigation engineering,chemical mine fluid transportation engineering


Technical Parameter:




Pipe ID(mm)



Energy consumption (about kw)