The molds adopt the double flow channel structure and nitriding polishing processed die head. This makes the adiustment of partial wall convenient and fast and ensures the thickness of the inner and outer wall uniform and stable.

The open water cooling structure and multi-point distributed vacuum system make the cooling efficiency high and easy to form.

Online double wall belling function and automatic lubrication system.

The advanced horizontal structure and reasonable track design make the chain drive the mould block run more smoothly.

Online EPS uninterruptible power supply ensures the automatic return of the forming worktable in case of sudden power failure,so that the mould block can be separated from the water sleeve in time.

Siemens professional PLC programming control cutting machine, double knife cuting, simple and sensitive operation, accurate, stable and reliable.

Human machine interface, extrusion synchronous control system, with remote communication function and realize remote faut diagnosis and troubleshooting.Easy to operate.


-High rigidity with high strength and light weight

-Sound insulation and shock absorption

-High UV stability

-Long service life

-Good bending

-High pressure resistance and impact strength

-Good sealing and fast construction


Electric-communication system:It can be used as protective sleeve of power cable and optical fiber cable

Municipal engineering:Urban and residential underground drainage and sewage engineering,highway engineering,farmland water conservancy and irrigation engineering

Technical parameter:

Pipe ID(mm):Φ75-Φ250mm