The arrival of the era of municipal sewage corrugated pipe line

For drainage pipes, I believe everyone is familiar with them. Various types of drainage pipes can be seen everywhere in life. Today, we will introduce the development of municipal sewage corrugated pipes.

At first, drainage pipes were made of reinforced concrete. Due to the water hardness of cement, they became harder and more prone to cracking when exposed to water for a long time. Once they leaked, they could not be repaired and could only be smashed and remade, wasting financial, material, and human resources. Moreover, once problems occurred, they were not easy to handle, and additional tools also had many dangers and destructive effects, making them extremely inconvenient to use.

Subsequently, steel pipes replaced reinforced concrete and became the monopolist in the market. Steel pipes can withstand various impacts and damage, and their service life has been greatly improved. However, steel pipes are still steel and can corrode with water. If steel pipes undergo corrosion perforation, water leakage cannot be repaired, directly causing huge economic losses. The cost of disassembly and assembly is high, and the difficulty is high, requiring cutting treatment, which can easily cause fire and other hazards. Due to the high hardness, various unimaginable situations may occur.

Subsequently, drainage pipes entered the plastic age. The emergence of plastic has made drainage pipes lightweight, easy to install and carry, and aesthetically pleasing to use. They can be cut as long as they are used, and can be used as needed. They do not react to water and are easy to produce. Due to their small weight, they can be transported in large quantities, causing less damage to transportation equipment and making them more convenient to handle. They do not require the use of large lifting equipment such as cranes. Plastic has good plasticity and can be repaired and replaced on site in case of damage. It is simple and easy to operate, and the damage rate is extremely low when used again.

Due to the fact that drainage pipes in all previous periods were either prone to cracking, corrosion, and difficult to replace, or had high construction difficulty, short service life, and extremely high damage rates. On the other hand, there were a series of problems such as high prices and high maintenance costs. The era of drainage corrugated pipe equipment has finally arrived. Its birth has completely solved various problems in the past, not only solving the problem of difficult construction, but also making construction simpler and no longer unbearable; It has also solved the destructive power of the external environment, and the hard power to resist external forces is beyond doubt; At the same time, it saves costs, improves efficiency, and extends service life; Finally, a crucial point is that the drainage corrugated pipe equipment has good anti odor and moisture-proof functions, effectively preventing the reverse flow of sewage odor, promoting the rapid discharge of odors, and effectively preventing foreign objects from blocking channels, making the drainage function unobstructed. The arrival of the era of municipal sewage corrugated pipe equipment has truly put an end to people's long-standing aspirations and completely bid farewell to the anxious atmosphere of heart rhythm.