Understanding Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Line from the Production Process and Application Fields of Double Wall Corrugated Pipe

 The so-called double wall corrugated pipe equipment can be divided into two types based on actual performance: PE wall corrugated pipe equipment and PVC wall corrugated pipe equipment, while the production line structure can be divided into: extruder, planetary cutting machine, corrugated forming machine, cutting rack, spray cooling tank, etc. Double wall corrugated pipe equipment is also quite popular abroad, and some particularly famous double arm corrugated pipe production equipment abroad is quite impressive.

Below, the editor will talk about the development of double wall corrugated pipes in China:

Since 1997, some domestic double wall corrugated pipe enterprises have started to introduce foreign production lines to develop their own equipment. For example, a certain plastic factory has introduced a production line from a foreign company to strengthen its own production line, and a certain national wind has also introduced foreign double wall corrugated pipe production lines to continuously optimize its own double wall corrugated pipe production line. Although domestic enterprises constantly research and develop new products and technologies, and strive to introduce production lines from abroad, they are unable to meet the needs of the domestic market. With the high prices of imported equipment and technology from abroad, some domestic manufacturers of double wall corrugated pipes have been motivated to strive for excellence, study technology, and adopt various approaches to study the advantages and disadvantages of domestic and foreign double wall corrugated pipe equipment. Adhering to the principle of complementary advantages and discarding the old and promoting the new, they have developed large caliber double wall corrugated pipes with international advanced level, mainly made of hard polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material, extruded internally and externally, and formed in one go with smooth and flat inner walls and trapezoidal corrugated outer walls.

Next, let's talk about the application fields of double wall corrugated pipe equipment:

Double walled corrugated pipes are widely used in daily life, from individual life to corporate life, and even in some countries for public implementation. Double wall corrugated pipes can be used for underground drainage pipes, underground sewage pipes, ventilation pipes, building rainwater pipes, various wire protection pipes, optical cable protection pipes, communication cable protection pipes, seepage pipes and drainage pipes of highways and railways, as well as sewage pipes, drainage pipes, ventilation pipes of various large enterprises, and can also be used in daily life. Such as irrigation pipes for farmland and gardens, washing machine drainage pipes, range hood exhaust pipes, wiring pipes for residential and work areas, water pipes, and even drinking and beverage pipes that can be used in people's daily lives.

The above editor briefly introduces the production process and application fields of double wall corrugated pipes.