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  • Product: Flexable Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line
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Plastic Flexable single wall corrugated pipes produced have features of high temperature resistance, resistant to corrosion and abrasion, high intensity, good flexibility, etc. They are widely used in fields of auto wire, electric thread passing pipes, circuit of machine tool, protective pipes of lamps and lanterns wire, tubes of air conditioner and washing machine, etc. This pipe has large market.
 Flexable Single wall corrugated pipe extrusion line designed and developed by Qingdao HUASU Machinery Fabricate Co., Ltd adopt newest design concept, using well known brand electrical components, enhanced line stability which can be used to produce corrugated pipes of PE,PP,PVC,EVA continuously, as well as PA corrugated pipes. This pipe extrusion machine adopts gears to run moulds and templates so as to realize water circulating cooling and air cooling of the products, which ensures high-speed molding, even corrugation, smooth inner and outer pipe wall.
This Flexable corrugated pipe extrusion line mainly contains extruder, corrugated forming machine, mold blocks, cooling equipment, counting machine and winding machine. It can continuously produce many kinds of diameter single wall corrugated pipe.
Extruder: It has high speed high efficiency screw, hard gear surface, FUJI invertor.This structure assures the material evenly heating, good plasticization and the extruding speed and efficiency.
Corrugator: Close structure. Mold blocks through the gear transmission. Mold plate has water flowing to get cooling efficiency. The pipe cooling type is wind. This structure ensures high speed production and cooling. It can produce inner and outer layer smooth and corrugation uniformity pipe one time matching the corresponding molds.
Mold block: The design of structure is reasonable, wind cooling and replacement of the module is convenient and reliable.

Winder/Pipe Pressing Machine: Moment motor, single/double station winder.

Main technical parameter:

Diameter Scope

OD 16-50 mm

Main Extruder




Output kg/h (kg/h)


Main Motor (KW)


Corrugator Power (KW)


Mould Block Pairs


Cooling Type

Water and Air Cooling

Line Speed (m/min)


Counting Type

Sensing counting

Winding Type


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