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  • Product: PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Pipe Extrusion Lin
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Description of PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Pipe Extrusion Line:

The machine is used to produce PVC steel wire reinforced transparent pipes. The pipe wall is made of transparent PVC plastic. In the pipe inner-wall, there are spiral steel wire. The kind of pipe has the advantage of extrusion resistance, corrosion resistance, static electricity resistance, anti-high pressure and good running. It is suitable for the conveying high pressure or combustible gas and liquid, heavy suction and delivery of liquid sludge. 
PVC steel wire pipe is transparent non toxic soft pipe which is made of PVC material and equipped with steel wire as frame. Its use temperature is from -10℃ to 65℃. This pipe is light, transparent, good weather resistance, small bend radius, pressure-resistant. It is mainly used in fields machinery, such as chemical industry, building, irrigation and vacuum pumps, etc.
PVC steel wire pipe line is widely absorbed foreign technology and continuous innovation combined with years of actual production experience. By the well-designed, this pipe extrusion line has stable performance, strong continuous production capacity, high yield and good economic returns. 
PVC steel wire reinforced pipe extrusion line mainly includes extruder, steel wire coiling machine, water spraying tank, haul-off machine and winder and so on.
Pipe extrusion line features as follow:
1. High speed high efficiency extruder ensures material plasticization quality and output.
2. Special designed steel wire coiling makes the wire coiled evenly and continuous production long time.
3. The pipe extrusion line die can produce high degree transparent pipe. The steel wire distribution uniformity and length setting can be arbitrarily.
4. The main electrical components all use famous brand products (Siemens or Fuji) and the pipe extrusion line running stably.
5. All control button using one type design, simple and quick operation.

Main technical parameter:


Screw Diameter


Main Motor Power

Middle Height

Pipe Diameter


45 mm


15 kw

1100 mm

Ф12-Ф20 mm


65 mm


37 kw

1100 mm

Ф25-Ф38 mm


90 mm


75 kw

1100 mm

Ф50-Ф75 mm

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