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Zhu Hehua plastic production line through the ISO quality system certification

Writer:double-wall corrugatSource:double-wall corrugat Date:2016-07-26

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization (International Organization for Standardization) for short, is a global non-governmental organizations, international standardization is a very important organization.

With the continuous development of corrugated pipe equipment, corrugated pipe production line plastic pipe equipment, such as sales continue to rise, exports from the original countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East to Europe, countries and regions like the United States. In order to better respond to technological barriers to trade, expansion of our double-wall corrugated pipe equipment company world market share, invite Huasu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ISO quality certification body of independent research and development of efficient plastic machinery - especially bellows device certification.

ISO quality certification for our staff bellows equipment design, development, installation, commissioning, service and other projects conducted in-depth investigation, unanimously found that our plastic pipe production equipment has reached the world advanced level, to lead our plastics machinery industry.

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