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Plastic corrugated pipe extrusion machine

Writer:plastic corrugated pSource:plastic corrugated p Date:2016-07-26

In recent years, China plastic mold manufacturing level has been greatly improved. Large plastic mold is capable of producing a single set of weight to 50t or more of the injection mold, precision plastic mold has reached the accuracy of 2μm, parts with high precision molds and small module gear to achieve high optical requirements of the lamp mold, also is capable of producing , multi-cavity mold is capable of producing a plastic mold plastic mold cavity 7800, has been able to produce high-speed die extrusionspeed above the speed of 6m/min plastic profile extrusion die and the main double-lumen extruded profiles, co-extruded color , soft and hard co-extrusion, after extrusion, co-extrusion of recycled materials and low-foaming steel-plastic co-extrusion and othertooling

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